Editorial - Seventh issue of the European Journal of Philosophy in Arts Education

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Thorgersen Ketil


In really worrying times such as these, the arts and arts education proves more important than ever. When a pandemic stirs the lives of everyone, overtaking, at least for some time, the even greater climate crisis, people need something to provide meaning. People need to express themselves, communicate, create, process, enjoy, flee, protest… These human and social functions are among the most central for the arts – as a vehicle for meaning; personally and socially. In this issue I have the great pleasure of presenting three very different articles that were all written before the corona pandemic, but when read in the light of the social distancing and fear of getting ill, brings new and interesting dishes to the table of arts education. We have one article from the field of museum education and two articles coming from the field of music education, with one of them bridging the gap towards music therapy. In total there are six authors, three from Northern Europe, two from North America and one from South America. It is interesting and a nice receipt that EJPAE is getting recognition and is filling a void, that scholars from all over the world now wishes to publish in the journal.

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