About the Journal

The European Journal of Philosophy in arts Education (EJPAE) invites scholarly articles about issues regarding the arts and aesthetics in education with a strong focus on theoretical and/or philosophical concerns.

 EJPAE invites alternative and experimental ways of presenting the philosophical/theoretical arguments as well as more traditional articles which should then adhere to Chicago manual of style: Author, Date system (http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html). Examples of more experimental ways of presenting can be (but are not limited to): Autoethnography, Narrative reflection, alternations between poetry (or other genres) and more traditional philosophical academic writing. Other modalities than text can be included, and will be decided from case to case. Material should not be published or be under evaluation elsewhere. Other forms of academic texts such as debate articles, book reviews or shorter pieces where different authors discuss an issue in dialogue, are also welcome.

 The intended audience is primarily international readers from relevant academic disciplines, teachers, and artists. The issue(s) treated in the article should primarily build upon philosophical methods or answer philosophical or theoretical questions, although articles could lean on empirical material in making theoretical and philosophical arguments. The topics treated should be somewhere in the intersection between (one or more of) the arts and education (or learning). Examples of such topics could be reflections on practices (in relation to theory), intersectional and power issues, issues of researching the arts in education, issues of educating in the arts, issues from aesthetic philosophy connected to education, political, historical and societal analysis/reflection, the relevance and consequences of philosophical writings in educational practice, theories, the nature and scope of education and its goals and purposes, and so forth.

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ISSN: 2002-4665