The first issue was a milestone in that it started the voyage into whatever EJPAE will become, and was also met with good receptions. Most notably, EJPAE has been assessed and found to be of high enough quality to be ranked on level one on the Norwegian ranking list of academic journals.

This issue, the first of two in 2017, consists of only one article, but what an article it is. Three of the most central Hanna Arendt scholars within the field of music education has come together and written an important article about how Hanna Arendt can inform the field of music education. Representing Canada, Greece and Sweden, Cathy Benedict, Panagiotis A. Kanellopoulos (Panos) and Cecilia Ferm Almqvist has, based on three different self experienced scenes, reflected on what Arendt could bring to the table today.

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